week end à nusa penida que faire à bali voyage sur mesure à bali

A weekend in Penida

Nusa Penida and its breathtaking landscapes... We decided to leave for a few days to visit this small island located just 45 minutes from the port of Sanur !

Day 1:

To start this little journey, we went to the port of Sanur with our scooters so that we could take the boat.

There are about ten companies that offer this route, we chose the Maruti company and 45 minutes later, we arrived in a little corner of paradise.

We rented scooters directly on site at the port of Penida , it's very easy.

Let the adventure begin!

We booked the Surya Maha Bengallo hotel, it is a very charming little hotel run by lovely people which is located 5 minutes from the port of Penida .

After a quick stop at the hotel to drop off our things and cool off in the pool, we finally set off to discover this island!

First stop: Tembeling beach

Access to Tembeling beach is by scooter and then on foot. The road is very steep and narrow, it's not easy to get there by scooter, we did it, but don't know what we're getting into!

After ready 30 minutes to do 3 km we finally arrived at the parking lot.
We found out later that we can pay someone to take us up and down .

Once you arrive at the car park, just walk about ten minutes to reach the "natural" swimming pool which is located between the cliffs and facing the sea.

We were quite disappointed, very polluted place and a so-called natural swimming pool which is not really. It still has the merit of being there and allows you to cool off. Finding yourself at the foot of the cliffs is quite impressive, it is worth the detour.

After doing the reverse, direction Kelingking B each !

It's a very well-known spot on social networks and we quickly understood why!

A breathtaking view overlooking a beach with turquoise waters in the middle of the cliffs!

We were lucky, because there were very few people, we admired this view for hours, it is even possible to go down to the beach in about ten minutes!

It is a very good spot to admire the Sunset .

Day 2:

Nusa Penida is known for snorkeling , but also for observing manta rays.
So we decided to try this experience in the early morning by leaving by boat from the port of Penida with Captain Januru .
We swam with Manta rays, saw turtles and then snorkeled in an incredible place, there were thousands of fish!

I really recommend this excursion, we had a great time.

At the end of the day, we went to visit Diamond Beach , another exceptional point of view on a beach in the middle of the cliffs, it is also possible to go down to the beach when the tide allows it.

Day 3:

Our stay in Nusa Penida is coming to an end, it is time to take the boat back home. 

I really recommend Nusa Penida , we did it with friends, but it's very suitable for families. The inhabitants are welcoming and caring, we will return, that's for sure.

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